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On August 18, 2009, it was announced that water would be coming to LittleBigPlanet as part of a future downloadable kit, which turned out to be The Pirates of the Caribbean Level Kit. The announcement was accompanied by a video on the Media Molecule website.

All of the playable characters can swim in water for 30 seconds until they run out of breath and die, or they can use a Scuba Enhancement to stay underwater for an unlimited amount of time. The water will take up all dimensions including unreachable ones, in a similar way as an object using the 3-D layer glitch. There are several tools that have been added for players to control the water; the main tool works like the Global Lighting object, and players will be able to change the height, movement, color, particles, and rising time of the water.

In LittleBigPlanet 2 and onward, water is available in the beginning of the game.
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Water as shown in the Pirates of the Caribbean Level kit


This is a list of materials that can, or cannot float in water:


  • Cardboard: Floats
  • Glass: Floats, but sinks in large masses
  • Metal: Sinks
  • Polystyrene: Floats
  • Rubber: Floats, but sinks in large masses
  • Sponge: Floats
  • Stone: Sinks
  • Wood: Floats, but sinks in large masses
  • Dissolve: Floats
  • Peach Floaty: Extremely buoyant; does not fall, shoots up extremely fast
  • Pink Floaty: Extremely buoyant; shoots up extremely fast

LittleBigPlanet 2

  • Attract-o-Gel: Floats
  • Conveyer: Sinks
  • Invisible: Sinks


  • In 2009, another video was leaked on Dailymotion showing two players using the new features in create mode, before The Pirates of the Caribbean Level Kit was released.
  • LittleBigPlanet (PSP) is the only game that does not have water at all.
    • Run Sackboy! Run! also does not have water, however it does not have a creative mode in general.


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