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Victoria Von Bathysphere is a character in LittleBigPlanet 2, who is a part of The Alliance. Victoria is a curator who likes using Baking and Steampunk themes. In Little Big Planet 3, she along with Larry Da Vinci, reappeared as a Popit Tutor in the Popit Puzzles of Term Two, teaching switches and logic sensors.

Victoria Von Bathysphere


Victoria is first met in her level during the second arc of the game - after she is invaded by the Negativitron. During this, the player must save her land from evil cupcakes using the Grabinator and the Creatinator with various pastry ammo (such as cakes and cupcakes). After you finish her levels, instead of going with Sackboy and Larry to The Factory of A Better Tomorrow, she stays and cleans up. In the final battle against the Negativitron, she supplies the player with cake in the 3rd stage, along with Larry da Vinci.

She appears once again in the new Playstation Move storyline, Rise of the Cakeling. This time, she is working out of her House That Science Built. While creating a more powerful Brain Crane, a evil cake falls in, merging with the Brane Crane and captures Victoria and her Sackbots. She saved in the end by Sackthing, and rests peacefully with the Sackbots after eating the Cakeling.




Victoria has big mood that swings between sad and angry. While she is sad or angry, Larry Da Vinci tries to convince her that it is not her fault whether it is or not, but it never works.


Her name is a reference to Victoria Sponge Cake, a cake enjoyed by many English people, and her last name Bathysphere is a submersible hanging from a cable. Her surname (Von) hints that shes of German heritage, which is "of " in english.


  • Larry Da Vinci often calls her cake names like 'My Pineapple Upside-down cake' or 'My Iced Finger', indicating his affections for her.
  • The costume of Victoria can be collected by acing the last level of Victoria's laboratory, Kling Klong or completing all of the Popit Puzzle Term Two levels by collecting all the prizes on the last level.
  • It has been mentioned that Victoria may be vunerable to a bipolar disorder, which causes her to worry a lot.
  • If you look at her back, you will see there is a little wind-up key. Also, if you look closely, you'll notice that Victoria has robotic arms.
  • There are stickers of Victoria as a child, which rather strangely portray her with White hair. This could be a beta design which was accidentally put into the main game, or just a mistake, maybe even deliberate.


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