Greeting strange sacklings, I am the... oh what the heck carel! No the green..the GREEEEN! Oh!!! Just let me do it...

ugh...dumb producer with his 'I don't understand techknowledgy!' *in the background* Uhh TW? Were rolling.

oh! We are! Uh ahem!

Hello strange sacklings... *he..hehehe...* What? What! Is their somthing on my face... Ahhh! Holy! Oh my god a spider! Oh wait a.. Oh come on you guys!

  • LAUGHTER* Okey! okey... whew.. is it out? are ya done *ya for now* *HAHAHAHA!* Ugh okey come on guys let's just roll this okey? Can we jsut do that I mean come on! *fine fine Okey you go in thre two one!*

Hello strange sacklings! I am The_Watcher! Fear my greatness! *yea your greatness...* Shut up carl! Now as I was saying FEAR ME! FEEEAAR ME!.

I shall provide you beings with my supireor creations and! *I didn't know you actually THINK* ... REALLY! Come on carl come ON! *laughter* Ahh oh thats some funny stuff. Man I can't do this!?! Huh! HUH! You! You're! You're just gonna keep doing this huh! HUH!?!? *well... Yeahya are.* *ya what ray said* Ugggh!

I'll be back! *don't worry your safe* And I'm going to be back! After I bury carl alive! *Dude you cant lift six pounds of hair jell, how ar eyou gonna drag me?* Okey thats it he's mine! Turn off the camera! Coem on hurry up now its on carl! *Hurry switch it off!* *Ahhhhh! Its a fairy!* I'll bury you ALIVEEE!

  • transmission interrupted...*

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