• The Watcher900

    The Watcher900-Note

    August 22, 2010 by The Watcher900

    Hello Sacklings! I am THE WATCHER!!! I am not online at the time, but I'm watching!!!

    In a shortened explaination, not to dull your short attention spans, I have many creations and creation blueprints. If you want them than I shall give you moodel designs to play with during the time online.

    Currently I have... about 114 different goodie items, and stickers. Plus about 12 levels. But unfortunatly I cannot post online due to defects with my internet browser when I hook my PS3 up to the Internet. But I shall still provide you players with many models and small blueprint plots for you to play with.

    If you desire, I can also give you special items, and tips in game about secret content and hidden cheats.

    For now I must go! The FLIGHT OF THE SAUCER…

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  • The Watcher900


    August 22, 2010 by The Watcher900

    Greeting strange sacklings, I am the... oh what the heck carel! No the green..the GREEEEN! Oh!!! Just let me do it...

    ugh...dumb producer with his 'I don't understand techknowledgy!' *in the background* Uhh TW? Were rolling.

    oh! We are! Uh ahem!

    Hello strange sacklings... *he..hehehe...* What? What! Is their somthing on my face... Ahhh! Holy! Oh my god a spider! Oh wait a.. Oh come on you guys!

    • LAUGHTER* Okey! okey... whew.. is it out? are ya done *ya for now* *HAHAHAHA!* Ugh okey come on guys let's just roll this okey? Can we jsut do that I mean come on! *fine fine Okey you go in thre two one!*

    Hello strange sacklings! I am The_Watcher! Fear my greatness! *yea your greatness...* Shut up carl! Now as I was saying FEAR ME! FEEEAAR ME!.

    I shall pr…

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