Wikia has activated the new skin, and it can be activated in your preferences: Special:Preferences. I am quite disappointed. For one, we aren't allowed to use Monaco, our current skin. Instead, we have to use Oasis, the new skin forever. On 3rd November, we will have to use Oasis forever. I say no! This is our wiki. Here's some bad things about the new skin:

  • The sackboy background will no longer be available in Oasis.
  • Editing is a pain.
  • Blogs are a mess.
  • The LBP wiki sign is no longer visible.
  • Many other things.

Post more bad things in comments.

Now, i suggest moving to a different wiki site. The community can vote on it here. However, there is a problem. Wikia will not delete this wiki, so users will come here instead of going to the new site. Wikia will remove any redirects to the new site we put on. Also, we won't have a big enough server for the amount of users we'll get. We also won't be able to afford the site. We could ask MM to make a site for us. Anyway, vote here. This is your wiki. We will move if we can and the community agrees.

I recommend moving to ShoutWiki.

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