LittleBigPlanet 2: DC Comics Level Pack has been leaked! Today, @PlayStationEU (PlayStation's EU Twitter Page) and LittleBigPlanet's Facebook page posted a picture of Sackboy wearing a cape. Many people thought it was a LittleBigPlanet 3 teaser, but "Trophies" for a "DC Comics Premium Level Pack" DLC was leaked on PlayStation Network. Don't believe me?

LBP2 DC Comics Level Pack


One of the trophies reads: "Glide 15 seconds with the Hero Cape". It sounds like the pack will come with this stuff:

  • New Materials
  • New Stickers
  • New Tool called "Hero Cape" which allows you to glide (can be seen above)
  • New Levels

It also sounds like there will be new costumes. If you take a close look at the trophie picture, you can see a pin that shows Batman's cowl and a pin of Superman's logo. This pretty much confirmed if there is costumes, that Batman and Superman will indeed have costumes for Sackboy to wear.

One of the other trophies reads: "Defeat Lex Luthor". I'm guessing he is going to be a final boss and will have a costume for Sackboy to wear.

A different trophy reads: "Do 15 wall bounces without falling" or something. That could also be an ability you get while wearing the Hero Cape, or it could just be a Mini-Game.

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