I think this site really needs some rules here. Mainly about mainspace editing. Though I am not here all the time, I really do think this site needs to get things covered and I alone cannot do it. So I have made sections of rules users and admins need to follow when contributing mainspace edits. I hope these will be accepted.


First off, articles need to start with their name in bold. Such as the Zola page will have to begin with:

"Zola is the second of the Creator Curators..."

But it will not start like this:

"Zola is the second of the Creator Curators"


This is in alot of articles. Instead of LittleBigPlanet, "LBP" is written without a link. Abbreviations like "LBP" will not be allowed, instead LittleBigPlanet will be written. And please note that game titles will always have to be written in italic and it has to be a link atleast two times in an article.


This is a major problem and takes time to correct it. Though I cannot directly explain the problem with the speech, I can just move to the example directly:

Articles need to be written like this:

"The player will have to use one's Sackboy to..."

Not like this:

"You will have to use your Sackboy to..."

Another thing is that words like "sadly" and "unfortunately" will not be used when it comes to the player or availability. Example:

1. "Sadly, this level cannot be used by the player..."

2. "At first the level is hard but when you try harder it'll be easier..."

The two sentences above will not be allowed to be in usage in any article.

I hope these will be accepted.

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