• Slug-Drones

    I think this site really needs some rules here. Mainly about mainspace editing. Though I am not here all the time, I really do think this site needs to get things covered and I alone cannot do it. So I have made sections of rules users and admins need to follow when contributing mainspace edits. I hope these will be accepted.

    First off, articles need to start with their name in bold. Such as the Zola page will have to begin with:

    "Zola is the second of the Creator Curators..."

    But it will not start like this:

    "Zola is the second of the Creator Curators"

    This is in alot of articles. Instead of LittleBigPlanet, "LBP" is written without a link. Abbreviations like "LBP" will not be allowed, instead LittleBigPlanet will be written. And please note that g…

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