aka Sir REX

  • I live in The Kingdom of Dotnia
  • My occupation is Professional hero
  • I am ROBOT
  • Sir REX

    LBP 2 Bosses?

    September 9, 2010 by Sir REX

    What bosses will be in LBP 2 based on your opinion? I think that the fluffy animals in the Adventure Trailer will be bosses. Also the Giant Robot Chicken (also in the trailer) and the Puppet Thing who they are using the power glove against. I also think that the guy that throws the Neon Orbs will aslo be a boss.

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  • Sir REX

    This blog is for asking polls about the LBP Wiki. First Question: Do you think that we should have a page for each individual clan on LBP? Answers: Yes; No; What are clans? After at least 10 people answer this question, a new question will come out.

    Sir_REX Strikes Back 22:01, August 22, 2010 (UTC)

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  • Sir REX

    What do you think will happen after you defeat "The Sucker" in Littlebigplanet 2? I personally believe that Larry Da Vinci will reveal some evil plot to take over Littlebigplanet, and then you will have to stop him, then peace will be restored.

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