Yes, I am back. Again.

I appologize for being very inactive. But right now, I really like the new look for the wiki, but here's a thing. I still notice people have been making pages of random DLC and outfits obtained in the levels. We have the Costume page, but we can always try to patch it up to make it look better. Why do you really need a page about "Dinosaur Outfit" or the "Final Fantasy VII" Costume Pack? I mean, yeah, maybe the special thing is maybe it's from another game, BUT still. I think it's just like the music pages. Not really needed. We can put the info in one page rather than make several music pages. 

Also should we also delete the minor characters in LBP3 (You know: Quest givers) and move their info in the place they can be found? And maybe also any contributors who knows how to use templates, Please make/use/etc. a certain type of templates (meaning one kind of templates for levels, one for characters, and so on.)

Any suggestions? 

EDIT (11/17/2016): Also, Idk, I love all your suggestions and all. I just get a little (or a lot) annoyed with stubs. That's all I have to say.)

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