• I live in USA
  • My occupation is not a whole lot
  • I am frequently unsure of things
  • Redexx

    Hey there, I have a challenge for you. Scary level. Really scary. Like, "Oh my gosh I swallowed my socks in fear" scary. I have come across a lot "so called" scary levels that were little more than Zombie shooters. One of the only really terrifying levels I played was called Dirus. It was a great, if a little challenging, adrenaline rush. The challenge was good though, because it made it scarier. I'm going to stop ranting about how good it was and get on with it. So, I challenge all you people to make a blood chilling level. My PSN ID is Rancer1, and there will be optional prizes for the best ones if you want them. Other then that, you get a congrats and maybe some self satisfaction. Just a tip:Don't make it one player. The best thing you…

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  • Redexx

    Littlebig journey

    April 10, 2012 by Redexx

    Ok,I'm sure we all have seen the pic for the journey costumes, but there has been no news update about it. So, sometime this month, Journey costumes and stickers are hitting the ps store for $1.99-$2.99. I can't post a pic cause I use an iPad, but if anyone else wants to in the comments, feel free. Also, there have been rumours of a white journey robe like in the game too..... That's all, cya

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