Greatings fellow LittleBIGPlanet Wiki users, are you getting tired of the same old look of this LBP wiki?

Well you'll be glad to know i intend to do something about it. Based on "Cool Island" menu color scheme in LBP 3 (which i think is the default look) I have came up with a fresh new look for this wonderful Wikia. View the following image:

LBPW design 1

The colors used are:

  • Main = #0039e6 100% transparent,
  • Button (Nav bar) = Green (i forgot to log the code),
  • Links = #80ff00
  • The header is (the bar at the bottom) = #ff00ff

Before this new design is used i would like to ask "you" the community what you think of the proposed new look and if you have any suggestions/thoughts/opinions. If you do, drop them in the comments section. :)

Other Ideas:

LBPW design 2

LBPW design 3

LBPW design 4

LBPW design 5

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