Just a piece of information I thought I'd share because I couldn't find it anywhere on the wiki and I don't want to add it unless I know if this qualifies as actual information.

Using the weird button combo glitch at the story menu to access all the levels with dev prilveleges (this is now patched, but do you know what I mean by this glitch)? I entered a random level in the Ziggurat and viewed the quests. There was a quest (I don't remember the name of it, I did this glitch a long time ago and I just remembered it now...) that did not display when playing the levels normally and it was not an internal quest. It was for a level that wasn't present in the Ziggurat. The quest required you to build a boat for a fish character (that character is unlockable in Zom Zom's shop for Ziggurat, which has one more costume than every other place because of that). I don't remember the exact wording of the quest description but it was a building challenge.

By "building challenge" I mean how in Manglewood there was the annoying "build the car to race the mechanic who knows way more about this than you" minigame and in Bunkum the equally annoying "build the wagon to do an inexsistent sport for somebody else because they're lazy" minigame. Pretty much, Ziggurat was going to have one where you built a boat, but because the game was so rushed it didn't make it in and they shoved the fish costume into Zom Zom's shop.

This explains why Ziggurat was so short on levels (there looks like there's even one empty spot the level was meant to be placed on if you look at the map). There was also an achievement for doing "all" the building challenges. The description said "all" the building challenges instead of "both" which I thought was a weird wording choice until I discovered the missing level.

It looks like Sumo Digital didn't even build this level. If you thought that the game was a mess, take into consideration that it's more of a mess than you actually thought. Looking at the awkward way the levels were built and the fact that an entire level is missing shows that this game really wasn't ready. It's another fault apart from the bugs...

That's a pretty long fact and because it's so internal and in the game's files and now completely unaccesible, I don't know if it will be accepted as a fact on the wiki. Or what page it would even go on seeing its weird category. So I decided to just make a blog about it. Oh well.

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