Yesterday, free Sackboy themed stickers were released for iMessage, Apple's messaging app. It comes with 22 different emoticons that are different from the ones on the PS4 messaging thing, as these ones are digitally drawn instead of rendering them. There is no Android version because Android sucks and you can't plaster Sackboy vomitting everywhere while your asking your mum for a sammich.

Go ahead and download them! They're cute.


Now, as I do with everything, I'm going to question this.

First of all; Why are these free?

Second, why are they drawn instead of rendered?

Third and most importantly, why was this released?

I'm going to try and answer this myself. *ahem*

I'm going to guess they're free because... I don't really have a clue. Since it's drawn, maybe it's to promote something upcoming, like a new game or a cartoon series? I really hope it isn't a cartoon series, because I somewhat dislike the art style. It's cute and all, but I don't think I could stand to see it for more than 30 seconds. Another possiblity on why it was released is because all the kool kids are doing it. Some Parappa the Rapper stickers were released recently too, and LBP is a kawaii-desu Sony IP as well. I doubt that you would ask your mum for a sandwich using a picture of some manly scruffy game protagionist, where's the cuteness in that?


Also just as a note, we'll need to eventually rip these and get dat HD vomitting Sackboy. For archival purposes! Do you think people will be using this in 2050?!?! NO!!! We will have advanced to better forms of expressing emotions, like through our face.

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