I had it with the bike races, survival races, my bad boss chase and terrible survival challenge so I removed them, don't worry, I am focusing on platforming levels based offa' parodying Runescape (Act I of Runescape Revenge is complete) and also, I'm gonna do other parody levels, preferably on the society of Xbox Live (I may use censored language for thr lulz) and LittleBigPlanet, I am also taking the time to revamp the levels I decided to keep (even the Torchic costume tutorial even though I don't have the best Torchic ever made), I have changed the never played VR Battles (changed the icon and other things I felt that deserved changes, though more will be changed) and made changes to the 10 Commandments level (fixed grammar, revamped it to be your big level of don'ts and fixed that freakin' red problem by removing a bunch of stickers). Because of this, the level count went down from nine to five, crazy? Right? I did spare the costume tutorials, I just need to spice things up to get them right, just ask me what needs changing in the Pokemon Costume Tutorial levels, I am working on revamping my Torchic tutorial to detail it even more, you don't walk on the main surface anymore or see it, I'm going to change them a lot, I'm even going to attempt to see if a Gardevoir can be made due to my fetish for them. Now once I can access PSN, I'll make my levels but first I'll play Flardox's levels, he cracks me up!

Remember, I'm trying to focus on my standards so yep, my standards of levels are high-en-ed.

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