in my recent years owning lbp, i would say im a pro, but a newbie at bloging. i have never done a blog before, so dont be rude or say any nasty words to me. i just wanted to write an article to all the noobs in lbp. congrats! you are now among a group of creaters. a whole family, some may be like your very own sister, others like your wicked step sister. but dont worry, i will be there to help thee. first off, make sure you have your own style. i know you might think  that you will get an emo on and call yourself boss, but you need to have your own style, that is what makes lbp great. or atleast make your costume yourself. also dont be afraid to ask for help, trust me, i got pretty far in other accounts due to this. and most important, dont h4h, its just sad. i hope you learned from this, and if you need help on this vast wonderland, just ask.