• Bobinti

    Wiki Grammar.

    December 22, 2013 by Bobinti

    Okay, so I've had a glance here and there throughout this wiki, and have noticed some of the wiki-grammar on here is weak (to say the least).

    So, I've taken my time to give you an example of how wiki articles should be written:


    Flying in the Face of Danger is the 4th level in Avalonia. This is possibly one of the hardest levels to ace because of all the chances to die. One advantage you have is having a 'base' around you when you come out of the spaceship.

    When you come out, Avalon teaches you to use the H.O.N.E.Y. cannon. Press X to shoot. Then you get some practice by shooting some evil guys. (There is one type that shoots plasma balls, try to kill them ASAP! Another one has a laser around it. These take 3 shots to knock ou…

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