Thanks to THE-UNKNOWN-ONE's LBP Horror 101's tutorials.

Bases and Inspiration (Lesson #1)

Horror levels on LittleBigPlanet are created using four major bases:

  1. Gameplay Types
  2. Horror Sub-Genres
  3. Horror Elements
  4. Horror Techniques

Gameplay Types

Some gameplay types would be -Super_Jack_55 and his EYELESS or OUTLAST series (which is Standard), -Akihiko3359 and his Ao Oni series (which is Topdown), CrimsonFang9's The Shrekoning (RPG, nuff said), -keisma777's download horror and mischevious child (which is Point & Click), Hug-of-War's Murder in the Dark (Hide & Seek), ikerion's Slender - House (First Person), and I suppose scary rooms are one of them...Only if they're even scary...

There's even Survival Challenge types, too, like Bloody Zombie Massacre.  But remember; as soon as you give someone a knife, chainsaw, or a weapon to defend themselves with, they won't seem as scared when they're defenseless.

Horror Sub-Genres

Slasher; Seen commonly around in LBP2, this type is mostly an insane killer armed with cutting tools or melee weapons.  CrimsonFang9's Jeff the Killer levels are a prime example of this, 'nuff said.

Sci-fi Horror; Including Aliens, killer robots, failed experiments, mutants, deadly diseases and anything involving technicy futuristicness.  -Super_Jack_55's OUTLAST series is a bit like this.

Psychological Horror; The unknown.  The monster you can't see.  Manipulating imagination with dark and unsettling mind games, bending your mind to its own will.  This type of horror can scar you, leaving a message in that head of yours to think about after you're done playing.  Japanese horror (possibly -keisma's mischevious child is one of these) is capable of pulling this off.

Supernatural/Paranormal Horror; Ghosts, demons, evil spirits, possession, black magic and the dead.  Usually driven by evil forces and cursed objects or haunted places.  Creepy and paranormal events that defy logic and reason. (I think a good example of this is THE-UNKNOWN-ONE's The Haunted Mansion.)

There are many Horror Sub-Genres to choose from, most of them can be broken down into specific categories like Zombie Apocalypse or Found Footage.  Although, they all fall under Slasher, Sci-fi, Psychological or Supernatural/Paranormal.  Even those four can merge into each other at times.


Internet: Creepypasta, YouTube, and scary ghost stories/rituals.

Books: Edgar Allen Poe, H.P. Lovecraft or Steven King.  R.L Stine's Goosebumps books are fun stories but the main character deals with scary situations.

Movies: Don't even try.

A lot of today's horror movies are so uncreative and cliché that you're going to most likely forget the whole entire point of the movie, so don't even try.  But, if you're still trying this out, read the reviews on before watching.


For a good horror level, you really want to do some research and brainstorming.  By now, you should have played plenty of horror levels by now, but think; what was the plot and theme of your favorite levels?  What did you enjoy about it and why?

Ponder about that until our lesson next week.  Until then, class is dismissed.