Thanks to THE-UNKNOWN-ONE's LBP Horror 101's tutorials.

    Horror levels on LittleBigPlanet are created using four major bases:

    1. Gameplay Types
    2. Horror Sub-Genres
    3. Horror Elements
    4. Horror Techniques

    Some gameplay types would be -Super_Jack_55 and his EYELESS or OUTLAST series (which is Standard), -Akihiko3359 and his Ao Oni series (which is Topdown), CrimsonFang9's The Shrekoning (RPG, nuff said), -keisma777's download horror and mischevious child (which is Point & Click), Hug-of-War's Murder in the Dark (Hide & Seek), ikerion's Slender - House (First Person), and I suppose scary rooms are one of them...Only if they're even scary...

    There's even Survival Challenge types, too, like Bloody Zombie Massacre.  But remember; as soon as you give someone a knifeā€¦

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