Up and At 'Em is the First level in Eve's Asylum. Eve wants you to climb up a tree with a caterpillar. The first part is easy; all you have to do is collect the prize bubbles and watch out for fire. ( Note if you touch fire once your caterpillar will have a tail of flame, if you touch fire again, your caterpillar will explode and you will die, like your Sackperson). The second part is slightly harder than the first part. You have to watch out for the meanies. Note there is a well hidden prize bubble in the shadows. Go to the third or fourth line of meanies going back and forth, go to the Very right, and then you get it

Note if you go past the area where you hop on the caterpillars, you will find 2 waterfalls (dont touch the first one, you will die.) This is a good place to look for prize bubbles, but there aren't any here. When you come out, go to the left and you will get a prize bubble.


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