Uncle Jalapeño (pronounced Hala-peen-yo) is the Creator Curator of The Canyons. He teaches Sackboy how to use explosives, and helps chase Sheriff Zapata throughout The Canyons. He also drives Sackboy over to The Metropolis.



According to Don Lu, he is the master of explosives. You meet him in the fourth area of the game, The Canyons. He appears to have befriended a man named Devante, who also knows a thing or two about explosives.

In one of the levels of The Canyons called Boom Town, Sackboy helps Uncle Jalapeño bust out of jail and in return, he teaches Sackboy the tricks of explosives. You are assisted by Devante. Afterwards, he sends Sackboy to defeat the evil Sheriff Zapata.

In The Collector's Lair, you can free Uncle Jalapeño to get his prize bubble. He is freed by explosives lined along his cage.

Uncle Jalapeno makes a cameo appearance in LittleBigPlanet Karting level Serpent's Shrine. He can be seen in a mine car in the mine track.



He has a squeaky voice and has bones for arms. His head is a skull with peacock feathers on the back of his head, while he has a mustache too.


Uncle Jalapeño is named after the Mexican pepper known as "Jalapeño".

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Tío Jalapeño Same as in English
Swedish Farbror Jalapeño Same as in English



  • Jalapeño does not have a mustache at some points in the story (namely whenever he is in his car).
  • Jalapeño also makes an appearance in Run Sackboy Run!, where he hovers on the screen in a floating vehicle, holding a progress board to show the player how far they've ran.
  • In LittleBigPlanet 3: The Journey Home, he is seen in a portrait with Frida the Bride, Don Lu and their child.

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