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Prologue Book 1: Manglewood Book 2: The Ziggurat Book 3: Bunkum Lagoon Popit Puzzles
Prologue Adventure Levels
Introduction Needlepoint Peaks Newton's Airship Stitchem Manor Tinpot Towers
Tinpot Towers
World Prologue
Difficulty Level Easy-Medium
Game LittleBigPlanet 3
Power-Ups Pumpinator
Characters Sack Person and Nana Pud

Tinpot Towers is the first boss in LittleBigPlanet 3

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  • Grease Stain
  • Sleepy Cat Face
  • Cat Tail
  • Portrait - Nana Pud
  • Portrait - Flowers


  • Vacuum Hose Port
  • Furnace Door
  • Rasher of Bacon
  • Cross Head
  • Cake Tin
  • Vacuum Hose 2
  • Vacuum Hose 1


  • Lead Pipe - Long
  • Gas Cooker Knob
  • Tin Tray
  • Lead Pipe - Corner
  • Water Stop Pipe


  • Complex Wallpaper Design
  • Cutlery 2
  • Bordered Wallpaper


  • 'It's Alive!'

Level Complete

  • 'Out of the Frying Pan'
  • Fog Material

Find All Goodies

  • Hair Curl
  • Curve Chimney Pipe

Aced Level

  • Cheese Knife
  • Metal Torch
  • 'Suspense - Part 2'

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