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The Wilderness is the final level in LittleBigPlanet. The Collector based his operations inside a military like base, which rests in an arctic like place.


The Magician teleports Sackboy (Sackgirl or Sackpeople) to the outskirts of the base. He has to traverse through the use of sliding on glass like a giddy child and rocket powered sled dogs. Eventually, he comes across the Collector's base and is attacked by rockets and robots and whatnot. The General appears to help you out and brings you to The Collector's Bunker. After traversing the particularly tough area, Sackboy gets to The Collector's Lair, where the Collector has locked up all of the characters in the game. Sackboy goes through his moving steel base, saving people on the way until he frees The King and The Queen, who gives you a ride to a monorail which leads directly to the Collector.

The Collector welcomes Sackboy and drives off. Sackboy follows him to a giant machine, which he uses to try and smash Sackboy to bits. He uses two more robots, but Sackboy manages to beat all of them. The Collector runs off crying as his machines break apart around him. He reveals that he wanted his creations to be loved, and The King comes and says that he could be accepted by the entire community. Then a craft like Earth comes up and most of the characters appears around it as Sackboy's journey comes to an end.


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