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The Temples
The Temples are set in an environment not unlike that of late Mughal India, and is ruled over by The Great Magician, master of emitters.
Story & Theme
The background of The Temples is based on a damaged hindu temple in a jungle. You arrive in The Temples and find The Shopkeeper, he tells you to go to The Goddess, which is way past The Dancer's Court. She tells you to see The Great Magician but to do that you must go through The Elephant Temple. Upon arriving at The Great Magician's Palace, he tells you to meet him later up as he's got something important to tell you. Upon reaching the end, he tells you that The Collector is stealing everyone and say's you're their only hope, he then teleports you to The Wilderness.
Creator Curator: The Great Magician
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Collectables - Number of Items:


  • Blue Elephant
  • Cobra Head
  • Cobra Tail
  • Crown
  • Curvy Cobra Body
  • Elephant Motif
  • Girl Arm
  • Girl Body
  • Girp Face
  • Indian Motif
  • Jewel Crown Motif
  • Monkey
  • Pink Elephant
  • Prince Arm
  • Prince Face
  • Straight Cobra Body
  • Temple
  • Tiger
  • Tiger Pattern
  • Tower
  • Yellow Motif


  • Cream Handkerchief
  • Crystal Earring
  • Elephant Mosaic
  • Emerald Jewel
  • Fabric Hair Wig
  • Gold Coin Chain
  • Gold Earring
  • Gold Swirly Chain
  • Golden Sun
  • Green Fabric Star
  • Green Star
  • Green Tassels
  • Oval Jewel
  • Ruby Jewel
  • Sackboy™ Symbol


  • Big Wave Snake
  • Blue Boy Dancer
  • Blue Dancer
  • Blue Dancer Arm
  • Blue Dancer Head
  • Blue Dancer Leg
  • Blue Yoga Dancer
  • Bouncy Rubber Snake
  • Cardboard Arch
  • Cat
  • Descending Stone Barrier
  • Doubke Oscillating Platform
  • Elephant Head Statue
  • Extendable Stairs
  • Fire Pit Double Jump
  • Fire Pit Triple Jump
  • Firepit Swing
  • Five Section Wave Platform
  • Four Rotating Platforms
  • Grab-Bridge
  • Great Magician's Magic Box
  • Large Magic Bridge
  • Large Wave Platform
  • Magic Flower Bridge
  • Mechanical Magic Bridge
  • Mechanical Stone Elephant
  • Medium Magic Bridge
  • Ornate Arch
  • Ornate Window
  • Oscillating Platform
  • Palace Curtain
  • Puzzle Platform
  • Rubber Snake
  • Shehnai
  • Six Section Wave Platform
  • Sliding Block Platform
  • Small Magic Bridge
  • Stone Block Emitter
  • Stone Elephant
  • Sun & Moon
  • The Goddess
  • The Goddess' Parlor
  • The Great Magician
  • The Shopkeeper


  • Blue Wood (Wood)
  • Bollywood Collage (Cardboard)
  • Brown Pattern Wood (Wood)
  • Gold Metal (Metal)
  • Gold Sequin Fabric (Sponge)
  • Green Fabric (Sponge)
  • Green Pattern Wood (Wood)
  • Latticed Stone (Stone)
  • Silk Pattern (Sponge)
  • Stone (Stone)
  • Temple Stone (Stone)


  • Baggy Silk Trousers (legs)
  • Beard (mustache)
  • Blue Headscraf (head)
  • Blue Sari (Torso)
  • Sherwani (torso)
  • Turban (head)




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