The Sad Song Of Clive Handforth is the intro cutscene to The Factory Of A Better Tomorrow in LittleBigPlanet 2.


Clive Handforth: I'm a little man, sitting in a can.

Ohhhhhh. Ohhhhhh!

And I thought my life had hit rock bottom when they told me about saturated fat.

Larry Da Vinci: Um, hello?

Clive Handforth: But now I've got no factory and nowhere to go.

Larry Da Vinci: I say...?

Clive Handforth: If only there was someone *AHEM* to deliver me from this putrid trough of tribulation!

Oh hello. My name's Clive. Clive Handforth.

Welcome to The Factory Of A Better Tomorrow, such as it is.

Larry Da Vinci: Now look here Clive, what's the sticky wicket on the Sackbots?

Clive Handforth: Oh right, looking to build an army, are you?

Indulge me, as I trudge down memory lane.

There was a time when we printed the most accurate calendars in the all the land.

Printed calendars and built huge spaceships.

A simple life, we weren't miserable.

Well, things could have been better, I suppose.

We got by.

But then, The Negativitron arrived and attacked!

I was ravaged and discarded.

Larry Da Vinci: Yes yes Clive, but the army?

Clive Handforth: The Sackbots are all enslaved inside the factory.

You'll have to get in and set them free.


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