The Meerkat Kingdom is the third level of The Savannah in LittleBigPlanet's Story

Little Big Planet 20 meerkat

The level takes place in a big cave, which is where the Meerkat Kingdom is. Though there are parts where you can see the Savannah in the background. There also is a lot of dissolve material around this level, stickers appear different. As the name of the level states, it also has a lot of Meerkats. One Meerkat is really The Collector. This level also features a meerkat strip club, the meerkat's in the club have bunny ears referencing playboy.

Sticker Triggers

  • The first (A Savannah tree) is located to the right of the start behind the rock wall.
  • The second (A growling face) is located right before the meerkat club. There is a gap, hop into it and go right. You will find the sticker switch.
  • The third (A voodoo face) is located after the mother opens the gate, in the top-left corner of the first bouncing section.

Secret Prizes

  • First, when you start the race, you run into many platforms with points on them. If you keep walking on the normal path, you will walk over a white block which can be pulled out and you get a sticker.
  • Second, right before you reach the queen meerkat, there's a meerkat that pops up when you come near her. It's really simple but easily overlooked, there's a chamber above her.
  • Thirdly, There are two chambers that you are denied access to on your way to Stripy Tail from the queen meerkat. If you pull Stripy tail up against the meerkats blocking your way, you can gain entry.
  • As soon as you start the level, immediataly walk right and there is a secret room. you must place a tree sticker (obtained towards the end of Swinging Savannah) and you will receive 5 new materials.

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