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The Kraken!!! is the fifth and final story level included in the Pirates of the Caribbean Kit. The level takes place on the pirate ship as the East India Trading Company and the Kracken attacks you. You have to use your cannons to fight off the ships and defeat the Kraken.

Level Description

Davy Jones and the armada of the East India Trading Company are determined to stop you, man the cannons and send the Kraken to the bottom!


LittleBigPlanet - Acing The Kraken - Video Talkthrough03:37

LittleBigPlanet - Acing The Kraken - Video Talkthrough


  • To ace this level easier, when the ships come, shoot only the cannons, as after a phase against the Kracken ends, the same ships would arrive. So just as long as you don't defeat any of the ships, no more will spawn, and you will be safe during those phases. During the kracken phases, it's a simple matter of grabbing cannons and shooting the tentacles. It's suggested to stay in the middle during the third phase though.


4 prizes are obtainable throughout this level. Additional items can be obtained by completing and acing the level as well as for collecting all items throughout the level.


Kraken1 Kraken2


  • Acing this level with unlock the Bronze Trophy, "Ace The Kraken!!!".
  • Completing this level with unlock the Bronze Trophy "Beast Slayer".
  • The suckers on the Kraken's tentacles are actually the kiwi fruit stickers.

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