The Darkness is the second level in The Wedding. It is preceded by the Wedding Reception and followed by
The darkness

The Darkness seal


It takes place in the crypts of The Wedding, and is dark after all, its in the title.


When walking through The Darkness, you must be wary of spikes. The only dangers are gas and getting squished. The object is to find Don Lu. First you must find Don Lu's Dog, who, once you clear the path, will lead you to Don Lu. Once you find Don Lu, you must drag him to the finish. But beware! The Collector is about!

Hidden Prizes

  • As you rise up with the last of the skull elevators, jump left and grab the hanging skull, then swing left for two hidden items.
  • As you go up the second set of skull elevators near the end, while the second elevator's mouth is at its lowest and you're standing on it, jump backwards and you should be able to collect a special bubble prize.

Sticker Switches

  • On the second set of skull elevators, go left from the last elevator (over the head of the second elevator) and there will be a walkway leading to a hanging skull for you to grab. This takes you up to an area where the pixel skull sticker can be used to get two items.


  • Sackboy and Don Lu's dog.

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