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The Butler is a character in The Wedding part of the story who first appears in The Wedding Reception. He is the one who first informs your Sackperson that Don Lu has gone missing. He can be earned as a prize in The Collector's Lair. The butler appears in every story level of the wedding .Even though he is seen a lot in the wedding he is never mentioned by any other character. There are two butler's in little big planet, one of which is an enemy in the wedding reception. At the start of skulldozer he tell's you to run for your life, as Frida thinks she has been jilted at the altar. The Butler is the first character you meet in the wedding.The butler is not somone you would expect to find in the collectors lair, as he is not of really any importance. In the collectors lair he is in the same cage as don lu and Frida the bride.

There's also a enemy butler which can be a prize in the wedding reception.The little butler open's his mouth and inside his mouth will be the brain or electricity. If it is electricity do not jump in it's mouth or you will lose a life,it will then close it's mouth again but insted of electricity it will be the brain, jump in it's mouth at this time and you have defeated a little butler. You unlock the object on a very close teeter platform in the wedding reception.

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