The Butler is a character from The Wedding in LittleBigPlanet who serves as a butler to Frida.


The Butler resembles a stereotypical high-class butler complete with moustache and bow tie, only as a skeleton.


The Wedding

He first appears in The Wedding Reception, where he informs Sackboy that Don Lu has gone missing. He appears again near the end of The Darkness, to tell you that Frida has gone on a rampage since she thinks she's been jilted at the altar, and again at the start of Skulldozer where he tells you to run for your life.

The Wilderness

He reappears in The Collector's Lair, in the same cage as Frida and Don Lu. If you free him, you'll receive two Prize Bubble of him at the end of the level, one by himself and another carrying Frida and Don Lu.


  • Another butler appears as an enemy in the Wedding Reception.
  • Though he appears in every level of the Wedding, he is never mentioned or addressed by any other character and does not come with the others to The Canyons.

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