Stripy Tail

Finding Stripy Tail (note the far left meerkat)

Stripy Tail is a young male meerkat with glasses and a zebra tail encountered in The Meerkat Kingdom. The player has to find him in a club and drag him back to his mother who will unlock a door to proceed through the level in return. The Meerkat queen thinks he was eaten by the King Croc. The Collector poses as a meerkat in the area of the club where Stripy Tail is found. On the way to collect him, there are two meerkats who will block the way to areas with prize bubbles, saying that they are VIP areas only. Stripy Tail will allow access to these areas on the way back to his mother as he has a key on his side. He is kidnapped by the Collector in the level The Collector's Lair, where you have to rescue him along with the other meerkats.


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