This article needs to update to include infomation from newer games.
Little Toggle

This article is only relevant to LittleBigPlanet 2.


Simple logic is part of the Tools Bag. Simple logic contains 6 chips.

Simple logic contains

AND Gate

This gadget activates when both of the inputs attached to it are active.

OR Gate

This gadget activates when either of the two inputs attached to it are active.

XOR Gate

This gadget activates when one and only one of the inputs attached to it is active.


Sends a constant input signal to trigger whatever it's attached to.

NOT Gate

This gadget activates only when the attached input is active.


The Microchip takes up only a tiny part of your object's suface to allow gadget placement to your heart's content upon it's almost boundlessly large circuit board. Use the left stick to reposition the protruding circuit board and the right stick to expand it's size. Anything attached to a Microchip behaves as if it were directly attached to the object the Microchip is sitting on.

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