Along the way, you will encounter many quests as you go. However, there are additional quests you may encounter as well. Some are known as 'Contraption Challenges' where it requires the Popit Powerup. Some might also require two or more people to help. If you completed the quest, you will obtain the quest-giver's outfit.


Two's Company

In this minigame, a new reported named Felica wants Sackboy to help her report out about Newton's embarrassing story.

The player needs a buddy to help.

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?

This minigame requires you to bring at least six sacklings to Matilda, a pet of Irene.

Back In The Saddle

Oddsock needs to impress Coach Rock by completing the obstacle course within a certain time limit.

The Wheel Deal

This is one of the so called 'Contraption Challenges', where you need to build a car and beat Gustavo to a race with it.

Race to the Stars

This is a minigame where you must get across the level, get to the 'rocket' timed.

You will need three buddies to help out.

The Ziggurat

Here, There, and Everywhere

Sackboy must help Dr. Maxim, who invented the Here and There Machine, which lets you travel to one area to another. You must collect all of the stickers in this level to prove you got everything. You will need another sackperson to help you.

Bear With Us

Oleg has put the wrong music for the Bear Dance Academy, and you must get through the level without collecting any score bubbles.

No Drain, No Gain

Toggle must let the water out of the flooded library within the time limit or The Ziggurat history will end up as a soggy mess.

Bunkum Lagoon

Joust in Time

A contraption challenge in which you must help Hildur create a contraption to glide to 2500 or farther.

Battle of the Airwaves