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Ha ha! Talk about a boom town! Your precious Jalapeno is in that cell! Being evil really rocks!
— Sheriff Zapata in Boom Town

Sheriff Zapata is Uncle Jalapeño's nemesis whom Uncle Jalapeño sends Sackboy to defeat in the level Serpent Shrine. He is highly skilled with bombs, much like Uncle Jalapeño.



He first appears in Boom Town, imprisoning Uncle Jalapeño in a jail cell. After Sackboy breaks Uncle Jalapeño out, Zapata runs into the mines to try and escape them.

Later in Serpent Shrine, he throws bombs at Sackboy, but is thwarted when Sackboy blows him up instead.



Sheriff Zapata is slightly dirty. He wears a black hat with a bullet hole, and has a big, black moustache. He wears a beige, patched-up suit with an orange tie. He also wears white socks and black shoes.


Sheriff Zapata's name is a reference to Mexican revolutionary Emiliano Zapata.[1] Zapata also sounds similar to the spanish word for shoe, zapato.



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