These materials are unique and are "true" secret materials. They have a factor, such as texture or a special property, which makes them unique. They cannot be created or reproduced by any means and can only be obtained through the story objects and templates.


Name Description Properties Smearable Grabbable Location

Method of Obtaining

Silver Stone  Like the Gold Stone from the Temples theme but silver Stone Yes No The Temples Template Cookie Cutter
Lava  Non-lethal glowing lava-like material N/A



Hanging Snapping Plant


Cardboard Sponge Looks like carboard but with the puffiness of Sponge Sponge Yes** Yes

Big Belly Meerkat


Floral Sponge Green fabric covered with small yellow Flowers Sponge Yes Yes The Islands Template Cookie Cutter
Lipped Grey Rusty Metal Looks like Grey Rusty Metal with a lipped edge Metal No* No


Dojo Looks like Wooden Basket with a darker shade Wood Yes No The Islands Template Cookie Cutter
Non-Slip Glass Looks like Basic Glass but isn't slippery, Jingles like point bubbles Wood Yes No The Islands Template Cookie Cutter
Anti-Grav Green Stripes Fabric Looks like Green Stripes Fabric but defies gravity like Dark Matter N/A Yes Yes The Canyons Template Cookie Cutter
Cardboard Polystyrene Looks like Basic Polystyrene but has Basic Cardboard's Border N/A Yes** No

Custom Sports Car

(Top Back of Car)

Sponge Cardboard With Border Looks exactly like Cardboard Sponge Yes** Yes



Rimless Brown Rusty Metal Looks like Brown Rusty Metal sans lipped edge Metal No No

Shuriken Tower

(Shuriken Attachment)

Sponge Gekko Skin Looks exactly like Gekko Skin Sponge Yes** No



Cardboard Gekko Armour Plating Looks like Gekko Armour Plating but with Cardboard's border Cardboard Yes** No

Most MGS Turrets

(Small Pieces)

 * - Samples of smearable versions have been found in community levels
 ** - Smearable after use of "Bomb Method"


Since none of the materials are given to the player through prize bubbles, players have to use "illegal" methods to obtain the desired materials.


The Dissolve method is easily achievable. As the name suggests, the player will have to dissolve every material excluding their desired Secret Material by use of the Dissolve material and Switches or the Destroyer logic that was introduced in Littlebigplanet 2. For un-dissolvable objects (Buttons, Switches and Objects) the Player will have to resort to heavy materials such as Metal or Stone.

Cookie Cutter

The Cookie Cutter method is the easiest method of all. As the name suggests, all the player has to do is cut out their desired Secret Material as it is part of a level Template and not a Pre-made Object.

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