Secret Costumes are costumes that are obtained by either hacking in to the game files, or getting them with a glitch. Most cannot be obtained in your Popit.

Glitch Costumes

These costumes are costumes that can only be obtained with a glitch.

  • Avalon Centrifuge's Skin (Skin) (LBP2)
  • Silver Quilted (Skin) (LBP2)
  • Neon Skeleton (Skin) (LBP1)
  • Scuba Gear (Costume Item) (LBP2)
  • Creatinator (Costume Item) (LBP2)
  • Christmas Wrapping Paper Skin (Skin) (Vita)
  • Creatinator (LBP3 Alt.) (Costume Item) (LBP3)
  • Brain Crane (Costume Item) (LBP2)

Hidden Costumes

These costumes are costumes that not given to you via a prize bubble. Oddly, they all go into the Popit.

They can only be obtained via hacking, or a community level.

  • Slot Machine Head (Costume Item) (LBP3)
  • Emerald Jester (Costume) (LBP3) (Was obtainable in Zom Zom's shop in the LBP3 beta)
  • Emerald Witch (Costume) (LBP3)
  • Beta Vera Oblonsky (Costume) (LBP3)
  • Beta Pinky Buflooms (Costume) (LBP3)

"DLC" Costumes

These costumes are costumes that can only be obtained by hacking in deep within the game files. They can only be worn by glitching the game, or by removing the DLC lock.

Bumblebee Costume (Costume) (LBP1)

Black Beret (Costume Item) (LBP1)

Clapperboard (Costume Item) (LBP1)


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