The Scuba Gear is the fourth (third if Tethered/Tetherless Jetpacks are counted as one) and final Player Enhancement in LittleBigPlanet alongside the Jetpacks and the Paintinator. Just like the Paintinator, it must be purchased as part of a Level Kit, namely, the Pirates of the
Caribbean Level Kit. However, players who have not purchased the Level Kit can still use it if it has been placed in a user's level, though you can only obtain this through the tutorials pack. It allows you to swim as long as you like in Under Water, as opposed swimming without the Scuba Gear, which only allows you to swim for 30 Seconds before your Sackperson drowns. You can also find a bubble machine which replenishes your air.The Scuba Gear also returns in LittleBigPlanet 2, as well as water (which can be used whether or not you have bought the Pirates of the Caribbean on LBP1).

sackboy with gear on

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