Little big planet Men in Black Poster

The Sack in Black costume is one of four from the Men in Black costume pack.The pack also includes Gentle Rosenberg costume,Scrad costume and Boris costume.

Costume Pieces The Sack in Black costume includes:

  • Sack in Black Glasses
  • Sack in Black Gun
  • Sack in Black Suit
  • Sack in Black Trousers
  • Sack in Black Shoes

The costume by its self costs either £1.59,€1.99,US $1.99, AUS $ 3.45 or NZD $3.90. The complete pack with all for costumes and stickers costs either £4.79,€5.99,US $5.99,AUS $ 9.95 or NZD $11.50

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