Sack People are a species of being in the Craftworld Universe. Though before LittleBigPlanet 3 it was thought Sackboy was the only Sack Person in existance, the previous mentioned game has proved this wrong with the introduction of more Sack People, as well as different kinds of Sack People too. Their gender is also switchable.


There are 4 known types of Sack People (their species names are yet unknown):

  • Sackboys/Sackgirls
  • Big Toggles
  • Small Toggles
  • Oddsocks
  • Swoops



Their core appearance is of a humanoid creature made of some kind of material, and the features are interchangable between the different individuals, however, they'll always have a big head with a mouth from side to side, a chubby torso with a zipper going across, two dangly arms with stiched hands and fingers and legs.

List of Sackboys/Sackgirls

Big Toggles


Big Toggles are bigger and wider than the other types of Sack People. Their overall shape resembles a pear and his skin is of undetermined material, which is interchangable, much like their other features. Their legs are short stiched to the torso, but their arms are long with little fingers,

List of Big Toggles

Small Toggles


Little Toggles' overall shape is of a rectangle, with a rather flat head. Their faces are mostly on the upper most part of his body, with interchangeable features, and thetr arms are as long as their bodies are, with tiny legs. They're the smallest of the Sack People species.

List of Small Toggles


Oddsocks are the Sackpeople that are most like a dog. They can wall jump, scamper and jump higher and run faster than any other Sackperson, even with a glitch. Elitegoat567 expanded this.


Swoop is a bird like sack species that can fly with its wings