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This page is a list of Promotional Items for LittleBigPlanet. For a full list of downloadable costume items, see Downloadable Costumes.

Image Name & Description Received From
Nariko Nariko is a character from Heavenly Sword. Best Buy or preorder. Also, LittleBigStore/PS Store from. 9 April. She comes with Heavenly Sword Stickers and Kai.
Dlc-godofwarpack-sml Medusa, Kratos, and Minotaur are characters from the God Of War series. Kratos can be acquired from Gamestop preoders or by promotional code from UK Official PlayStation Magazine, or PlayStation Store/LittleBigStore.
Ape Escape Piposaru is a character from Ape Escape. Amazon Japan preorder or PlayStation Store/LittleBigStore.
SpaceSuit The Space Suit is a costume to show that a player bought LittleBigPlanet before or soon after launch. Time limited free download from PlayStation Store. Rereleased in 2009, later taken off.
Zipper pouch A Sackboy themed zipper pouch. Preorder from Gamecrazy, but will be in stores now.
Weekone The Week One T-shirt is a T-shirt to commemorate the initial launch. Limited time download from PlayStation Store.
Littlebigstickerbook The LittleBigPlanet Sticker Book contains LittleBigPlanet stickers. Preorder from Circuit City, but will be in stores now.

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