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Prize Bubbles are one of four items that you collect as you journey through LittleBigPlanet. Along with Score Bubbles, Keys and Collectabells, Prize Bubbles help motivate you to make progress and compare your effors to other players. The first time you encounter each Prize Bubble, you will see an item floating in the middle. These items can be new Materials, Outfit Items, Stickers, or Objects. The second time you encounter the bubble by playing the level again the prize bubble appears as an extra large score bubble.

Little-Big-Planet small 0020

From far away, the prize inside is idle, but when getting closer, it starts to throb. Collecting a Prize Bubble adds the item to your inventory and increases your score by 50 points. Any players that are in the level with you will also get the item, but will not get the 50 points. There are trophies associated with them. 


  • Prize Bubbles were originally going to be called Prize Eggs. And there were going to be round medium-sized sponges.

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