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Patients are a Virtue is the third level in Eve's Asylum.
Lbp2-patients are a virtue-96x96

In the level, Eve teaches you how to use the Splashcannon (A variation of the Creatinator). Eve tells you to put out all the fires where her patients are (Don't skip them, you will get prize bubbles if you put the patient's fires out).

Note: where the part where the flying duck- large sticker is, you water the stairs, then take a running leap from the top stair.

Level Description

Those dastardly meanies are going around setting everything on fire with their… fire. Best put a stop to that using Eve’s mighty water gun – the splashcannon! That’ll put a dampener on the Negativitron’s evil scheme.


  • Some Characters from LBP1 make cameos in this level, driven mad by the Negativitron.
  • It is possible for the Meanies to fall into the fire, but they will survive.

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