The Paintinator Sensor is a type of sensor that was introduced in the Metal Gear Solid Pack, along with the Paintinator powerup. It senses when the object it is attached to is hit by a Paintinator's paintball, much like a projectile sensor. The difference is, the sensor acts like a counter counting down one everytime one paintball hits it. The sensor can be tweaked to how many times it can be hit before it produces a signal.


Throughout each game, the Paintinator Sensor's design stays the same. It is a metal rectangle with a counter of any color that is tweaked. If the sensor senses a paintball touching the object, the sensor acts like a counter counting down, some part of the colored rectangle turns black. The sensor also has metal support on the sides, similar to the Sackbot Behavior logic. 


Along with the Paintinator, the sensor appears in the Metal Gear Solid Level Pack, a LittleBigPlanet 1 DLC. It appears in the second level METAL GEAR SOLID Act 2: VR Training, attached to targets the player has to shoot with the powerup. From there, the sensor appears in every level, and the final boss.

Usage and Tweak Menu 

The Paintinator Sensor is mostly used for "health bars" on shootable targets. However, it is not as widely used in LittleBigPlanet 2 and beyond due to new logic overshadowing it such as the Counter.

Its tweak menu goes as follows:

Target Count

  • Tells how much times the object it is attached to needs to be hit by paint in order to produce a signal.
    • Can go from 0 to 100 shots needed.

Current Count

  • Tells how much of the sensor is pre-filled.
    • The number's max depends on how much the Target Count is.

Reset When Full

  • Determines if the sensor will reset and be empty when it becomes full.

Include Rigid Connections

  • Determines if the sensor can sense if objects glued to the objects the sensor is attached to gets hit with paintballs. In other words, be able to sense if glued objects get paint-balled.

Invert Output

  • In this case, if the sensor isn't full, it will keep producing a signal until it is hit enough times.

Electronics and Cable Visibility

  • Changes how much of the sensor can be seen in play mode, such as cables or the sensor itself.

Color Bar Tweaking

  • Changing the color in the tweak menu changes the color of the Paintinator Sensor's bar.


  • This determines if every time you hit an object, it will make a noise.

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