Opening Fright is the final level in the LittleBigPlanet PSP area Tinsel Town. You, The Director and the Leading Lady travel to the award ceremony to take your Gold Turkey award for your spy thriller movie The Sewn Identity. First, you have to take out the paparazzi by destroying their special cameras (Pressing R while standing on them), then, the Leading Ladys gets kidnapped by Big Ron, a giant gorilla and an actor for The Director. You must go after him by climbing up a giant building where you battle Big Ron by pulling out his three rotten teeth while dodging his ground pounds. When you defeated him, it is revealed Big Ron thought she was a toothpick. You then fly away on a plane with the Leading Lady to the Director where you take off to go to the Carnival of Creators.


Your work has been so stellar that you have been nominated for several awards, but the ceremony is unceremoniously interrupted by a Giant Ape called Big Ron, and he’s made off with your co-star! Get after him!

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