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Prologue Adventure Levels
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Newton's Airship
Creator Curator: Nana Pud
Newton's Airship is the third level in the Prologue of LittleBigPlanet 3. In this level, Newton teaches you about your journey up ahead and Nana Pud. Newton gives you the Pumpinator in this level and teaches you how to operate it's 'suck' & 'blow' functions as you explore the level. You also learn how to use the SackPocket and Sticker Sensors.
Power-Ups Obtained: Pumpinator
Level Music: Newton's Theme
Characters: Sackboy, Newton
Prize Bubble Goodies & End-Level Gifts - Number of Items: ???


  • L1 Sticker
  • Rough Aqua Square
  • Stitchem Manor
  • Evil Nana Pud
  • Tea Tin
  • Ink Stain 5
  • Chalk World
  • Thick Charcoal Arrow
  • Red Apple
  • Mc bess Rat
  • Mc bess Duck
  • Wooden Planks
  • Photo Frame
  • Mouth Frame
  • Circle Frame
  • Body-Outline Frame
  • Black and White Photo Frame
  • Red Star Frame
  • Speach Bubble Frame
  • Square Frame
  • Robin
  • Purple Stripes
  • Party Pattern
  • Square Scribble
  • Margin Doodle 4
  • Woodcut Letter S
  • Newton's Hat Doodle
  • Cloud Bubble
  • Cogs Stencil
  • Larry DaVinci Blueprint
  • Ship Diagram
  • Cog
  • 3rd Place Rosette
  • Spiral 2
  • R1 Button
  • Panel Details 3
  • 1st Place Rosette


  • Bolt Head
  • Raised Button
  • Depressed Button
  • Antique Brass Button
  • Diving Helmet Piece 5
  • R Typewriter Key
  • S Typewriter Key
  • E Typewriter Key
  • L Typewriter Key
  • Antique Compass


  • Fete Bunting
  • Angle Grinder Wheel


  • Blue Polystyrene
  • Graph Paper


  • 'Item Get'
  • 'Super Power Up'


  • Cricket Bat
  • Cricket Jumper
  • Cricket Trousers & Pads
  • Cricket Cap

Level Complete

  • Material: Internal Clockwork
  • Audio: 'Newton's Theme'

Find All Goodies

  • Sticker: x2 Sticker
  • Decoration: Accordion Bellows
  • Decoration: Light Beam

Aced Level

  • Sticker: Red Rosette
  • Decoration: Latch Socket
  • Decoration: Twine

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