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Back off! You wouldn't want your little chum to get vaporized, would you?
— Newton, in The Heroes Finally Defeat Newton... Oh

Newton is a major character in LittleBigPlanet 3. He is voiced by Hugh Laurie.[1] Despite being quite friendly, his foolish act of wanting to improve Bunkum's creativity through the use of The Titans leads to him getting possessed by The Titans.


LittleBigPlanet 3

Newton is first seen at the end of the Introduction as he transports Sackboy to Bunkum, where he informs us of Nana Pud's 'evil plan' to bring back the three titans before guiding the player through Needlepoint Peaks & Newton's Airship - where he explains the basics of the game and the use of the Pumpinator.

After stopping Nana Pud's guardian, Newton reveals that he tricked Sackboy into helping him releasing the Titans, and that Nana Pud is actually his mother. He then releases the titans, planning to use them for the benefit of Bunkum. However, they possess him, and his plans change to one of destruction instead by stealling Bunkum's creativity.

During each encounter that follows, Evil Newton unleashes 1 of the 3 titans to attack the player. Upon unleasing the last titan, Newton deafeats his inner-self, regains control of his body and helps stop the final titan.

Afterwards, upon returning to Stitchem Manor; Newton remakes the Dimensional Doorway allowing Sackboy- accompanied by Oddsock, Toggle, and Swoop to return to Craftworld.



Newton appears to be in a shape of a Sackperson, but has a large light bulb as a head and a bowler hat that appears to be an egg timer. He wears some kind of velvet type robe and black boots with cardboard underneath them.


Newton's face before he became evil.

His face was originally orange or yellow depending on the lighting, but when possessed by titans, his face was purple instead.


Newton seems to be very foolish and not very smart, and often will make excuses and lies, such as tricking Sackboy about Nana Pud releasing the titans, who instead released the titans himself. After beating the third titan, Newton meets his father again, and pretended he didn't know it was a strict rule, which made his father strict even more. He tries to say that he was the Brave Leader during the fight against the third titan and lead the explosive device in the guts of the beast but no one believes him, Obviously. Newton at the end tries to twist the ending from what actually happen but in vain, but Newton seems to never learn.

Newton is some what of a coward, as he was eaten by the third titan when he said that the key is to not show fear (and in that case he was scared.) and he would hope the titan would stop when he said "Why don't you pick on someone your own size."


Newton is named after Issac Newton, a famous scientist, physicist and mathematician that invented calculus. It is also possible that Newton was named after newtons, a measurement of force.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Newton Same as in English
French Newton Same as in English


  • Newton's default costume can be acquired by completing The Great Escape, while Evil Newton costume can be acquired by completing the 4-player co-op level 'Race For the Stars' in Manglewood within the time limit.
  • In the alpha version of LBP3, Newton wasn't possessed by The Titans (or Phantoms in the alpha), impaling that he could be the main Antagonist of the game, this change in the final Game.
  • He may not actually create stuff, but more or less copy objects that other people have made; Newton mentions that his airship was made by Captain Pud, however "added some refinements of my own!" As well as that, according to the level Two's Company, he had flunked Popit Academy, and may have not invented the Pumpinator himself.
  • Newton's light colour was originally purple, even while not possessed.
    • This can still be seen in the final game, as before he got possessed, one of the drawings on his airship depicts his light colour as purple.
  • In the The Journey Home, It is revealed that Newton miscalculated the Dimensional Doorway sending the heroes far from where they were supposed to land.
  • In some of his concept appears that he wears blue slippers.


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