Monster Islands

Monster Islands is the second location in LittleBigPlanet Karting. It is where Sackboy finds Ray The Wonder Turtle.


After that lengthy and dangerous test, the Queen finally feels that our finely-knitted champion has proven its worth. Her Majesty encourages our sack person to set out into the Craftverse to rescue more planets from the selfish Hoard. The journey shifts gears, moving away from the familiar, and into a giant new world. And boy, do we mean giant…

For reasons unknown, The Hoard has moved their operations to the ocean-filled Monster Islands. Home to some of the largest creatures of the Craftverse, one has to wonder whether the little devils can fit such enormous objects into their small karts. Whatever the case, our sack person is ready to slam the brakes on the Hoard’s schemes.





  • The background of Monster Islands is similar in theme to the The Islands background in LittleBigPlanet.
  • Monster Islands may be a reference to Monster Island from the Godzilla franchise. This could be also evidenced by the occurrance of giant monsters roaming the islands.
  • On a loading screen, it claims that the green goo had mutated the animals long, long ago.


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