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A minigame is a optional level where it has no influence to the story and is shorter than a regular level. There are two types of minigames, Score Challenge, where you try to get to the end of a level and collect as many Score Bubbles as you can and Survival Challenge where you try to stay alive as long as you can and collect as many points as you can. Minigames are unlocked with keys that can be found through a area. Survival Challenges can be aced. They must be aced for LBP 1's Play trophy. In LBP 2, versus levels are added to the mix. Versus levels are designed to be competitive games for multiple players

LittleBigPlanet Minigames
Bubble LabyrinthCastle Climb ChallengeCowabungaDaruma-sanElevationFire PitsFlaming SeesawsJetpack TunnelMeerkat BouncePillar JumpingPuzzle WheelRoller CastleRoller RunRotor TubesSkateboard FreefallSpline RiderThe Dangerous DescentThe DiscombobulatorThe Drag RaceThe Shifting TempleTie SkippingTunnel PlungeWheel of MisfortuneWobble PolesWrestler's Drag
Little Big Planet PSP Minigames
Wave GoodbyeShear MadnessStamp CollectorDouble DragonsMonkey Puzzle TreeLadderal ThinkingSackar RallyOut FoxedRoque N RollerOff PisteI Race Dead PeopleLeap of FaithGolissimoFeeling Hot

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