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The Marvel Level Kit is a pack of four levels with characters and villains from the Marvel universe! It was originally released for LittleBigPlanet.

It was removed on December 31st, 2015. The reason has never been revealed, but it's assumed it was possibly taken off due to the Marvel license expiring.


The evil Magneto is trying to destroy all of LittleBigPlanet and its millions of moons and pods. You and your fellow Sackbuddies and other Marvel heroes must try to stop Magneto. Magneto escapes, and you chase him on the motorway. You find yourself trapped in a mad scientists lab, and you find Magneto. He has launched a nuclear missile to LittleBigPlanet and the blast radius will destroy everything nearby. You put on your Jetpack, and take out the missiles batteries to stop it and arrest Magneto. After stopping it, the Marvel superheroes thank you and start to fix all the damaged Moons.


Marvel Issue #1 - Downtown Doom

LittleBigPlanet is under attack and its Player Moons are being destroyed! Take to the rooftops and stop the march of the Super Villains along with a little help from the Heroes. 

Marvel™ Issue 2 - Freeway Frenzy

The bad guys are on the run, but where to? Take up the chase through the congestion-choked traffic on the fastest freeway in the world. 

Marvel™ Issue 3 - Mad Lab

The conspiracy of evil's real plan is about to be revealed. Somewhere deep within the laboratory, trouble brews. 

Marvel™ Issue 4 - Rocket Rampage

Into the sky above LittleBigPlanet, stop the Rocket before it can deliver its payload and destroy every Player Moon in the universe! 



  • Marvel Level Kit Background


  • Blank Comic Panels
  • Marvel Montage
  • Pencilled Skyscrapers
  • Pencilled Windows
  • Retro Marvel Panels
  • Thing Skin


  • 155 stickers


  • Air Vent
  • Captain America's Shield
  • Cyclops Visor
  • Doctor Octopus Claw
  • Exhaust Vent
  • Gargoyle
  • Skylight
  • Spider-Man Eye
  • Thor Wing
  • Window Big
  • Window Small
  • X-Men Badge


  • Elektra's Dagger
  • Iron Man Light
  • Thor's Hammer
  • Electrified Pumpkin
  • Iron Man Mask
  • Mystique Mask
  • Thing Mask
  • Hanging Spider-Man
  • Marvel Big Rig
  • Police Car
  • Punisher Chopper


Abomination Alley by Craig Armstrong

Frantic Pursuit by Paul Thomson

Showdown by Paul Thomson


  • There's an error where Sackboy is mistakenly typed as SackBoy.


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