Download a new set of costumes and CREATE materials to create your levels of "lurve".
— PlayStation Store description

Lurve Theme Pack is an asset pack add-on released on February 11, 2010, themed around Valentine's Day. It is exclusively for LittleBigPlanet PSP.



  • Engagement ring costume:
    • Engagement ring
    • Engagement ring box
  • Bouquet Aphrodite costume:
    • Aphrodite hair
    • Aphrodite dress
    • Aphrodite skin
    • Aphrodite eyes
  • Heart costume:
    • Heart mask
    • Heart bling
    • Cloud gown
  • Cupid costume:
    • Cupid suit
    • Cupid wings
    • Cupid hair
    • Cupid arrow


  • I love chocolates
  • Heart balloon
  • I love LBP
  • Dove
  • Love letter
  • Sweet heart
  • Flamingo
  • Heart doodles
  • Rose
  • Broken heart
  • Pink flower
  • Heart beat



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