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Little Xim

Little Xim and Big Xam are characters in LittleBigPlanet's Story mode. They both appear in minigame Challenges unlocked by Keys.

Little Xim

Spline rider-48x48

Little Xim's face, as seen on the button for Spline Rider

Little Xim hosts the Score Challenges and appears at the start line of every Race. (He also appears in Get a Grip to teach you about Keys.) He appears to be and sounds like a child or monkey, and, to show his love of races, is always rocking about in a little orange car.

Big Xam

Tie skipping-48x48

Big Xam's face, as seen on the button of Tie Skipping

Big Xam appears during Survival Challenges of which you keep going until you die. He appears to be an older man and wears blue robe-like clothing, and is a jolly person for he bounces whilst talking. His first appearance is in Tie Skipping.

Role in Story Mode

Both characters do not play a major role in the story, they only appear to tell you the rules of all the minigames and to differentiate between the two challenge types. However, in The Collector's Lair, they are somehow both kidnapped and locked in cages with the other characters. Little Xim and Big Xam are the first and second characters to be released (excluding the Bears with the key) from their prisons. Doing so will unlock them in Create Mode.



Little Xim seen in LittleBigPlanet 2

  • Media Molecule has a PlayStation Network ID called LittleXim. Viewing LittleXim's hearted levels will let you visit Media Molecule's favourite community levels.
  • Little Xim makes an additional cameo in LittleBigPlanet Karting. He can also be obtained as an object, here just called "Xim".
  • Little Xim and Big Xam's "eye" stickers are never collected throughout story mode.

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